The Gilbert and Sullivan Project
Volumes 1-3 on DVD

Mike Leigh, Sir Charles Mackerras, Ken Russell, Todd Rundgren, D'Oyly Carters and more!

The Gilbert and Sulllivan project is a combined, dedicated effort working toward the completion of a feature-length, comprehensive documentary film about Britain's premier pair of light opera. Containted on these DVDs is a sampling of the fascinating, candid interview footage that the Gilbert and Sullivan project has thus far obtained.

Mike Leigh
Each disc is more than two hours in length, and each interview is contained in its entirety. So, rather than seeing only a few minutes of each interview, as is usually the case with documentaries, here you are getting the whole thing.

The interviewees include film directors Mike Leigh (Topsy-Turvy) and Ken Russell (Tommy, Altered States), rock star Todd Rundgren, conductor Sir Charles Mackerras, director Brian Macdonald of Toronto's Stratford Festival, author Andrew Goodman (Gilbert and Sullivan's London), and former D'Oyly Carte vocalists John Ayldon, Valerie Masterson, Michael Rayner, and Geoffrey Shovelton.

Your purchase of these DVDs will help to keep the Gilbert and Sullivan project going, providing much-needed support as the production team continue their crucial work of seeking the substantial sources of funding required to complete the film.

Todd Rundgren
All DVDs are in NTSC format, but are region-free and should play anywhere in the world on a player that can play NTSC-formatted DVDs. (USA customers will have no problems whatsoever. UK customers need a player that can play NTSC discs — but we have been told that most UK players can handle NTSC discs. Consult your player's operating instructions if you are unsure.)

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Sir Charles Mackerras
Purchase GASP DVD Volume 1 (US $19.95)
Mike Leigh (32 min), Brian Macdonald (35 min), Michael Rayner (32 min), Ken Russell (23 min), plus the august University of Michigan Gilbert and Sullivan Society (UMGASS) rehearsing Princess Ida.

Purchase GASP DVD Volume 2 (US $19.95)
Andrew Goodman (46 min), Sir Charles Mackerras (48 min), Valerie Masterston (21 min), plus the King's College London Gilbert and Sullivan Society having a rollicking good time rehearsing the Pirates of Penzance.

Purchase GASP DVD Volume 3 (US $19.95)
John Ayldon (46 min), Todd Rundgren (21 min), Geoffrey Shovelton (57 min), plus a whirlwind sightseeing tour of London followed by a brief stop in Mikado, Michigan.

King's College Gilbert and Sullivan Society
Samples from the interviews can be viewed on YouTube:

Mike Leigh
Sir Charles Mackerras
Michael Rayner
Todd Rundgren
Ken Russell
Geoffrey Shovelton

As a bonus, purchasers of all three DVDs will receive a free download of a 71-minute interview with the late Jane Stedman (one of the world's foremost Gilbert and Sullivan scholars) not included on the DVDs.

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PLEASE tell your Gilbert and Sullivan friends about this unique opportunity to own the recollections of some of the brightest and most interesting members of the Savoy community, some for the very last time!

Remember — your purchase of these DVDs will help keep the Gilbert and Sullivan Project going!



Gilbert and Sullivan were the creators of a famous string of comic operas in late nineteenth-century England. Their works include such classics as The Pirates of Penzance, The Mikado, H.M.S. Pinafore, The Gondoliers, and The Yeomen of the Guard, among others. Today there are many Gilbert and Sullivan performing groups around the world, and many Gilbert and Sullivan appreciation societies. New audio and DVD recordings of Gilbert and Sullivan's operas are produced every year and continue to be extremely popular. More than 100 years after their creation, the operas of Gilbert and Sullivan remain very much alive and well.